TX College Boys: Lee

Lee is very self confident and has no problem baring all on camera … plus he has a big cock, which always helps with confidence! Lee starts out laying back on the bed and stripping down to his briefs. “I’m getting myself horny,” he quipped to the TX College Boys cameraman (who was getting a boner himself!) … Lee lays back and spreads showing his rock hard cock and tight hole. He then gets on his knees and bends over to give a better view of his sweet arsehole …

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TX College Boys: Woody

Woody is very much the cowboy type and even speaks with a southern drawl. He told the TX College Boys cameraman about how he took the cowboy thing a bit far when he recently had a friend shoot him while he wore a bullet proof vest (you can see the scar on his chest!). Luckily he only had the wind knocked out of him and a scar to joke about in future years. Woody started his scene today by stripping off his shirt and fondling himself … teasing the camera a bit. Once he got completely naked he mentioned that he was definitely a grower … and he wasn’t lying. He gave us a great view of his arse as well.

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Raging Stallion: Paddy O’Brian

Paddy O’Brian takes up residence outside one of the room-sized tents on the North side of “The Woods” in preparation for filming with Raging Stallion. He’s wearing a grey singlet and white cargo pants … but not for long … suddenly he’s stark naked, with a cock at full-mast … this cylinder of flesh is as thick as his wrist, and hard as rock. Turn him round and discover his amazing butt cheeks, like twin balloons above massive hairy thighs … this is masculinity in the raw …

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Sean Cody: Keith

Keith is the little brother of another Sean Cody model, Sam. Sam had done his video and had gone home, and hadn’t intended on telling his brother anything about it. But, you know how little brothers can be, and Sam eventually broke down and told him. “No way! I want to do it too!” was how Keith told Sean he responded to the news. Keith had only just turned 18 several months before Sean had met Sam, and was a little hesitant when he found out that Keith was still in high school. “ I’m a senior,” he told Sean. “My birthday was right on the edge, so I started school later than most other kids my age.” Keith is looking forward to graduating soon so he can go to college. “I want to be a pilot,” he said. Another interesting bit of information he offered is that he’s also still a virgin. “Yep, this gentleman is still a virgin,” he said with a great big smile and a rock hard cock!

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