Sean Cody: Martin

Martin is a shy country boy straight off the farm! Every once in a while Sean Cody and his camera team would catch him using words like “golly” or “darn it.” Even when he was playing basketball and missed a shot he refused to swear. “Do you ever cuss?” Sean asked. “Even when you are mad?” … “No,” he said, looking at the ground. “I was raised not to!” Before the cameras started rolling, Martin told Sean he is gay. “Where I am from it’s kind of frowned upon,” he said. “That sucks.” “Well, then you must be having a blast here!” Sean said. He smiled and took a deep breath. “Yeah, it’s a huge weight off your shoulders when you can just be yourself and not give a darn!”

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Sean Cody: Ken

“I grew up in a house with five kids, all boys,” Ken told Sean Cody. “We fought all the time when we were kids, but now we’re really close.” Ken is a college student who really likes basketball. “My brothers taught me how to play when I was really young,” he said. “ I’ve been hooked ever since.” He continued “There was a lot of variety in my house growing up. My mother is Japanese and my father is Italian, so there was always a lot from both worlds!”. It’s only been a little over a year since he left home to go to school. “The adjustment was kind of hard at first,” he said. “But now I’m like … ready for adventure!” as these nude images prove!

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