Active Duty: Dean

Dean, a new recruit to Active Duty, is all smiles at the start of this, his first porn video. He jokes about how his weekend was supposed to go one way, and then he started drinking and all his plans went out the window. Dean’s a tall one, standing at 6ft 4in and he weighs in at 200 lbs. This Florida native has a defined body and a pretty pair of low-hangers dangling beneath his rock-hard cock!

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ChaosMen: Bryce

Bryce lives locally to ChaosMen and he is eager to please and, for being so young, seems to have a very dirty mind. He is up for pretty much anything … and for his first photo shoot and solo video he was very excited at the prospect of showing-off. He is one of those guys whose dick was hard even before he took it out of his underwear. Not only was it hard, but he was dripping wet with pre-cum in anticipation of jerking off on film.

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