picturethis-studios: David Johnson

Last seen at picturethis-studios back in November 2011, a return visit from Daniel Johnson was clearly long overdue, especially given how much this hot young 20 year old clearly loved showing off his awesome, uncut cock on camera! Nothings changed, in fact he’s even more confident than before, clearly glad to be back to where his UK porn journey started, with the guys at picturethis-studios. He’s back at last to produce some red hot new content in the picturethis-studios barn! From the moment you see this hot lads balls bulging through his underwear, you’ll know you’re in for a treat …

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Sean Cody: Markus

While the Sean Cody crew were filming him, Markus really liked looking at his dick through the camera. “I never noticed how big my dick actually is,” he laughed. “It’s kinda big!” … Sean had to agree. “How big is it?” he asked. “Well, I’ve never measured it myself, but I’ve been told it’s like 8 inches.” “And what about the girth … have you ever measured that?” asked Sean. He looked all embarrassed. He hadn’t, but Sean got a feeling he would when he got home!

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