ChaosMen: Troy

Tho Troy identifies as straight, there is one dude that he has been friends with for years, and they basically had a long standing “bromance” … and one drunken night turned into full-on fucking session … kissing, eating ass, fucking each other … they went all out … the mind boggles! Troy has got some tattoo action too, but despite this ChaosMen just couldn’t say “no” to this super hot muscle dude, with plump lips, sparkling green eyes, and hefty cock.

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Island Studs: Shawn

Standing 6ft 3in tall Shawn was the tallest guy on his High School swim team and also the guy with the biggest cock in the locker room in rural Missouri. “It was in the shower room that I learned I had a big dick,” Shawn states when he tells Island Studs on the video about the first time he discovered he had a monster cock! “After that all my friends called me King Kong Dong!” Now a Junior in college in Hawaii, sexy Shawn is studying Marine Biology, loves the brown Island girls, and is often mistaken for a young Nicholas Cage! The cameraman put Shawn to work pulling weeds in the garden fully naked in the hot Hawaiian sun so we get to see Shawn’s tall tan body from every angle was he works and walks around outside unaware of the camera. His low hanging nut sack slaps his white thighs as he moves! Hot stuff!

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Sean Cody: Hendrick

Sean Cody was walking around outside with Hendrick, enjoying a beautiful day. “You said you live on a boat right now.” … “I do,” he replied. “I live on a boat.” … “When did you start doing that?” … “Well, I did it for about a year or so … moved away … and now I’m back in California again living on a boat. So … I’ll do it for a couple more months and see where else I decide to go.” At 28 years old, Hendrick considers himself kind of an adventurer. He likes to move around a lot because he gets bored easily. “I always like to go to new places,” he said. “Most people don’t like change, but I do.” Sean was curious about how that philosophy affects his relationships. “Doesn’t that make it hard to keep friendships?” “No,” he replied. “I make friends easily. And you can stay in touch on the Internet.” Hendrick was a little shy when Sean asked him to get naked … he could see the hesitation in his crystal blue eyes. But his body was definitely worth the wait!

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