Sean Cody: Niko

Niko is a young aspiring body builder. He’s 19 years old and hopes that he can compete in his first competition some day. He doesn’t seem like a “meat head” gym type, and he’s very laid back. He stands 6ft 3in tall and already has a very defined torso and chiselled abs. Sean Cody found out he’s part Italian, which explains his dark hair and olive skin.

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Bentley Race: Brent Tyler

Aussie boy Brent Tyler is from country Queensland and he was pretty nervous coming to the big city to do this nude shoot for Bentley Race. So, when Ben heard that he plays football, he asked him to bring some of his footy gear along with him, to help put him at ease, and of course he looked totally hot in his footy gear … They joked around a bit as Brent posed on the couch and slowly stripped off for the camera. When he finally got down to his jockstrap Ben got him to lie on the table so he could get a good look at that perfect bum with just a light covering of fur. Now wait till you see what Brent is hiding in that jockstrap for you. A nice uncut cock with a deliciously long foreskin!

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Sean Cody: Rudy

Rudy is finishing his last year in college. He was the quarterback on his football team. He grew up in small town in the mid west and considers himself an all-around decent, quiet kind of guy. He’s very striking at first sight. He stands 6ft 3in tall, is 210 pounds solid, and is very well built. And even though he’s only 23 he is very mature in his demeanour. He was very excited about being here with Sean Cody.

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