ChaosMen: Simon

Simon is a very friendly guy who came into ChaosMen to do a solo. He is straight, but the cameraman for this scene got a vibe from him that he might at the very least be curious. He is very into fitness, and worked hard to get cut up for this shoot. He even grew out his pubes for it! The dude has got serious back door action. All those squats in the gym have given him an awesome bootie.

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Sean Cody: Brooks

“Sometimes they’re saggy and they’re big!” … that’s how Brooks described his balls. “They get tight when I’m jerking off,” he added. There are lots of things to like about Brooks. He’s 6ft 4in tall and 20 years old. He’s got quite a bit of muscle on his lean frame. Oh yeah, he also has a long, thick, beautiful dick, and those big hangers he was describing to Sean Cody. Of course, with his height, his favourite thing in the world is basketball. He was on the varsity team in high school and he plays it whenever he can. He also likes to skateboard.

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ChaosMen: Lyle

Lyle has done a little video work before and ChaosMen are always happy to see if they can get guys who have worked elsewhere a try and see if they might even expand their limits. Lyle loves girl’s asses, mostly so he can see them when he fucks them doggy-style. Lyle jerks-off infrequently when he has a girlfriend, but finds he jerks off at least once a day otherwise. He has a fat cockhead that he tends to jerk just below the plum of it. His ass is pretty amazing too, and if you like tan lines, he has the quintessential surfer tan, complete with bubble butt.

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