SpunkWorthy: Ian

Ian’s 20yo, straight, and going to college in So Cal. His lean physique and height might seem better adapted for other sports, but he actually plays football for his school team. Ian is the kind of guy who definitely turns some heads when he walks in the room. He’s a hard one to miss at 6ft 4in. His bright blue eyes and beaming smile only add to the package. SpunkWorthy were luck enough to get the opportunity to film him here in the nude!

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SpunkWorthy: Pete

Pete recently turned 21yo and just moved to San Diego to start grad school. He’s a quiet one in conversation and has a bit of innocence in his demeanour, but when the SpunkWorthy guys asked him about being in porn his big brown eyes lit up. Pete is a total sports nut and spends a lot of time working out and keeping himself fit. He says basketball is his favourite sport, but he’s pretty much tried them all.

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