Fit Young Men: Leigh Davidson

Category : Amazing Abs, Arm Pits, Athletes, Fit Young Men, Nice Bulge, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, White

Leigh Davidson from Fit Young Men is a 19yo straight Footballer from England … he weighs 75 kg, 6ft 1in tall and has a 39in chest and 30in waist.

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Randy Blue: Vinny Dias

Category : Amazing Abs, Arm Pits, College Dudes, Cut Cock, Facial Hair, Latino, Nice Butt, Nice Nuts, Perfect Pecs, Randy Blue, Slim, Video Posts

Vinny Dias has an incredible body, with just the right amount of muscle definition to show off his chiselled abs and hard pecs. He has an interesting way of jerking off. He is really into humping pillows, in fact, it’s his favourite way to get off. So when he was asked by the Randy Blue guys to just use his hand for a while it was almost as if it were a foreign concept!

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Sean Cody: Jeff

Category : Amazing Abs, Arm Pits, Broad Back, College Dudes, Hairy Legs, Latino, Muscular, Nice Butt, Nice Nuts, Perfect Pecs, Sean Cody, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, Tattoos, Uncut Cock, Well Hung

Wherever Jeff comes from, they sure grow them good-looking and well-hung! This 21yo college guy is handsome, slim, fit and muscular … and you’d never guess just from looking at him, what size monster is hiding in his sweat pants! It’s uncut, and apparently a grower more than a shower … but there’s no pics of it soft here … just horny and HARD … Sean Cody have found a 9 inch wonder!

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ChaosMen: Joshua

Category : Arm Pits, Broad Back, ChaosMen, Cut Cock, Nice Butt, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, Tattoos, Twinks, White

Joshua is straight, kind of “cute” looking, super nice and easy to talk to. This video for ChaosMen is his first and it’s likely there will be more to come, as he’s keen to get into porn and not at all nervous about playing around with other guys … tho obviously he won’t be all that experienced at it … so will be fun to watch!

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