Sean Cody: Jeff

Wherever Jeff comes from, they sure grow them good-looking and well-hung! This 21yo college guy is handsome, slim, fit and muscular … and you’d never guess just from looking at him, what size monster is hiding in his sweat pants! It’s uncut, and apparently a grower more than a shower … but there’s no pics of it soft here … just horny and HARD … Sean Cody have found a 9 inch wonder!

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ChaosMen: Joshua

Joshua is straight, kind of “cute” looking, super nice and easy to talk to. This video for ChaosMen is his first and it’s likely there will be more to come, as he’s keen to get into porn and not at all nervous about playing around with other guys … tho obviously he won’t be all that experienced at it … so will be fun to watch!

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Island Studs: Alec

The latest model at Island Studs is Alec … he is one of those straight men who is clean, well kempt and educated. A former Marine, Alec knows he is good looking but does not have an ego about it. Alec has the perfect hunk body with jet black body hair perfectly placed in precise spots: thighs and legs, the happy trail to his crotch, his arm pits, in the open crack of his fine ass and above his perfect pecs. He has a naturally well-defined chest with a six pack of abs and a beautiful thick cock … all of which make him appear like a classic Greek Statue. What a Hunk!

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Sean Cody: Terry

Terry is an avid surfer and spends many hours enjoying his favourite pastime. When he turned up at the Sean Cody studios for this shoot, they were expecting him to be a bit shy, but he turned out to be a true exhibitionist. He has great definition, muscled in all the right places … just check out his arms. He has a nice dick on him too, and don’t you just love those dangly balls?

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